Mantra To Separate Lover

In today’s times there is little patience and effort to resolve problems arising out of relationships and family dispute that cause unending headaches, mental agony and torture to a hardworking soul. There has come an immediate need for a solution to the problem of relationships. When two people are bothering someone and this is causing unending problems to him or she is to be done?

The simple answer is to remove oneself from those circumstances and focus on other things, but in India-like countries there are joint families and in the event of small families there are still nagging problems posed by immediate relatives who are considered very close and mutually important by most traditions of Indian culture. In such situations what is to be done? Fear not, we have a solution to all your problems. We will help you separate the husband and mother in case that is necessary.

In the drawbacks of modern society, young men and women think little before taking drastic steps like marriage with another, they may face the music later and regret without bounds but the mistake gets made in the name of modern thinking ina society that is evolving itself.

In these cases also, what is to be done? Since they are adults there is little sense by scolding them or calmly directing them to any senses, while any other pressure may only backfire such as emotional pressure or talk of family honor etc. We will give you a method to try and separate a couple or lovers who in there youth have forgotten the real directions of the world and need help no matter what people say.

The article is written for educational and informational purpose about Indian religion and Tantric practices. Do not use them at whim; these mantras are to be used wisely and on requirement only as they will have an effect that may not be desired even if spoken casually.

The Siddhi for this mantra is acquired on the night of Diwali or on a lunar or solar eclipse where it is chanted 10,000 times and thereafter the mantra is considered consecrated in the person and ready for use.

After having chanted the mantra on a lunar or solar eclipse or Diwali night 10,000 times, take a paper made of cotton and make seven pieces of it. Write down the given mantra on each piece of this paper.

After that make a small pyre of wood of the tree of Palaash tree. Then, put the seven pieces of cotton made paper with the mantra given below written on it into the fire made just now. This whole procedure will have to be repeated seven times in successive days.

The mantra to be written is –

“Satya Naam Aadesh Gurooko Aaj Dh.aak Dono Van Rayi

(say the name of two people to separate) Asi Karen Jaise Kukur aur Bilaaee”

Videshan Mantra

The traditional mantra of Indian subcontinent, where a rift between two people is made is called a Videshan mantra. This is a mantra which is used to create a difference or fight among two or more people; it may be used for the purpose of separating someone already under the spell of another by hypnotism or love or due to being closely related to such a person who is found undesirable.

The mantras being told now were very difficult to find in old days but nowadays due to the advent of internet things have changed a lot. Information flows much easily and freely now. And thus this mantra is no exception.

So you may firstly ask what constitutes a real Videshan mantra. The answer is it is a group of words spoken sacredly that cause a quarrel between two people due to unforeseen events or misunderstandings or other unknowable reasons. It causes enmity between two or more people.

It is strongly advised to not use this mantra as whatever is done in this world rebounds back to us in one way or another – this is the natural law. Thus the real event according to which you are in the present situation may only get delayed instead of getting permanently removed. It is thus best to use this mantra as a last resort only.

It best to use this spell on your own behalf only when nothing else is working out at all and you require a real time problem solution urgently without any other solution working. The first and best resolution to work with in these kinds of situations is to take a bath, wear clean clothes, find a calm, quiet and peaceful place where you can pray and do so to the God almighty with the utmost sincerity and from the bottom of your heart. Never aim to hurt anything unless essentially it is trying to do the same to you.